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Cut-Your-Own and Wholesale Trees

The largest producer of Christmas trees in southern Vermont, Mt. Anthony Tree Farms has two Vermont locations in Bennington and North Pownal. Come cut-your-own tree in North Pownal or contact us to learn more about wholesale trees at our farm in Bennington. Read more about our trees below.



Mt. Anthony Tree Farms in Pownal opened to the public in 2018 with cut-your-own Balsam and Fraser fir available. Our current year's crop is exceptional!  We will provide hand saws and netting if desired.

Conveniently located on Vermont Route 346 in North Pownal, Vermont, this land is flat and easily accessible. Parking is ample.

Hours: 9am – 4pm Friday - Sunday, beginning the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Cost: Cut-your-own, any size, $70 (including tax). We will assist you in cutting a tree, if necessary. 

If you have questions, please feel free to call us at (802) 688-6257. We look forward to making your holiday even more special with fresh-cut trees from Vermont!

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Mt. Anthony Tree Farms in Bennington is now exclusively devoted to wholesale production and is perhaps the largest producer of Christmas trees in southern Vermont. We soil test, apply fertilizer as needed, mow several times per year, and shear annually to develop a great product at a fair price. Late summer, after shearing is well underway, we grade harvestable trees based on size and quality to develop an inventory of marketable product.

The harvest season is one of long days and hard work to ensure trees are ready for customer pick-up in a timely manner, yet left “on the stump” for as long as possible to guarantee freshness. We are proud of our trees and even more of the fact that most of our wholesale customers return year after year.

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About Us

The history of Mt. Anthony Farms and the Horst family begins in 1891, when Fritz and Bena Horst arrived in the United States from southern Germany. With little savings, but lots of ambition, they saved enough to buy their first farm in 1897. It was an old, beat-up house, barns and 17 acres on Pleasant Valley Road in Bennington, Vermont. They named it Mt. Anthony Farms, and raised eight children there. Over the years, they purchased more land and generated income from sheep, dairy cows, vegetables and eggs.

Today, more than 120 years later, Mt. Anthony Tree Farms is still actively farmed by the Horst family. Jim and Julie, the third generation, are the current owners, and their children, Fritz and Jessica, are also becoming involved. The farm has evolved from animals and annual crops to Christmas trees, with over 60,000 trees – almost exclusively Fraser and Balsam fir -- in various stages of production.

In 2013, we added to that total by purchasing additional land in nearby Pownal, Vermont. Prime river bottom, sandy loam soil, this parcel is ideally suited for Christmas tree production. In fact, the Rudd family successfully grew and sold trees there for many years. Since this purchase, we have planted roughly 3000 trees there annually.

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3583 VT-346, North Pownal, VT 05261


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